Great Ocean Road Tour (taken by Outback Billy)

  • *$120 when paying in cash
  • $90 for children aged 12 and under
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    The Great Ocean Road is a truly magical journey. Why not get the full experience. After all, there is only one Outback Billy!

    Seven Reasons to Choose Us! 1. No 1 on Trip Advisor for Great Ocean Road (May 2014 to Feb 2015) 2. Min 3 stops of 45+ mins (some guides give you 0-1) 3. 25+% more time off the bus exploring than some guides (really!) 4. Outback Billy or Holistic Hiker Katie is your guide and it does make a big difference! Both have 99%+ of five star reviews on Trip Advisor 5. You are happy with this one day tour or a full refund (see below) 6. A chance to swim. 7. Minimum of 3 stops away from other buses If you think all Great Ocean Road tour companies are the same then you have not been with Outback Billy!)

    Nature at its finest


    We pick-up from your accommodation in the CBD. If staying outside the CBD, we will arrange a pick-up time and place for you.


    Melbourne, VIC 3000

    Dress code

    Bring warm clothes. If the forecast is warm then you can wear shorts and t shirts but we highly recommend throwing in a jumper and wind resistant jacket. There are often multiple weather patterns down there and the wind can be strong and cold in parts of the ocean road. Make sure you are warm enough!

    Sunscreen and a bottle of water is also a good idea.

    Sandals are okay although we do a 30 minute walk in the rainforest so sports shoes are good for that. There is an opportunity to swim on warmer days so bring swimmers and a towel if interested.


    Note that we often travel through multiple weather zones on this tour. The wind in some places can be cold and strong so please bring a jumper and jacket. If the weather looks nice you can wear t shirt, shorts and sandals but bring a jacket also. It is quite common to have both warm and cold weather at different times of the same day.

    No tours till August 15! No tours till August 15! 100% five star reviews for all private tours 2013-2017 and all public tours on Trip Advisor for last 12 months.