Great Ocean Road 1-3 Day private tours

  • *$1000 per day for up to 10 guests on a Great Ocean Road tour. Larger groups can be taken
  • $180 for children aged 10 and under (excluding accommodation )
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This tour includes lunch and dinner on day one. The price for accommodation is extra, please refer to the table below.

It is just an incredible journey!

Bring jacket, swim wear, sun cream, water, towel and toiletries We pick up and drop off to all city accommodation. Email us if not staying in the city centre for our suggestions.


We pick-up from your accommodation in the CBD. If staying outside the CBD, we will arrange a pick-up time and place.


Melbourne, VIC 3000

Dress code

Bring warm clothes. If the forecast is warm then you can wear shorts and t shirts but we highly recommend throwing in a jumper and wind resistant jacket. There are often multiple weather patterns down there and the wind can be strong and cold in parts of the ocean road. Make sure you are warm enough!

Sunscreen and a bottle of water is also a good idea.

Sandals are okay although we do a 30 minute walk in the rainforest so sports shoes are good for that. There is an opportunity to swim on warmer days so bring swimmers and a towel if interested.


Note that we often travel through multiple weather zones on this tour. The wind in some places can be cold and strong so please bring a jumper and jacket. If the weather looks nice you can wear t shirt, shorts and sandals but bring a jacket also. It is quite common to have both warm and cold weather at different times of the same day.

AccomodationPrice per person
Farm house / beach house$60 - $80

No Tours until further notice while we move to Tasmania 100% five star reviews T/A for all tours over the last 2 years by Outback Billy. 100% five star reviews T/A all private tours last 5 years! Moving to Tasmania, Private tours available to Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island and Tasmania