Outback Billy

“Our party of three has traveled extensively throughout the world – no question this tour and Billy is at the top of our ‘most liked, first class tours/guides” (Kathy Trip Advisor)

“Everbody told me that GOR is a “must see”, and it really is! Everything is so beautiful and my trip was even better with Outback Billy. He is an incredible guide, he knows a lot, he is funny and patient! Don’t hesitate to book a tour with him!” Mariella, Chile

    • “Outback Billy” is celebrating 20 years of Great Ocean Road Tours.
    • He was awarded Number 1 on Trip Advisor for activities from Melbourne in 2014 and again in 2015. He has 100% five star reviews on Trip Advisor in 2013, 2014 and 2016.
    • lived down the Great Ocean Road
    • loves animals, nature and the Great Ocean Road. He may be able to dig you out an echidna, or spot a (kanga)roo for you and he will find koalas. He is a qualified zoologist
    •   Outback Billy is a great communicator including to those with limited English, an experienced outdoor leader, and a story teller. He loves taking 3 generations of the same family on tour

If you haven’t done the Great Ocean Road with Outback Billy then you haven’t done the Great Ocean Road.

Don’t just visit the Great Ocean Road but explore it, swim it, taste it and share a journey with family or friends that will stay with you for a life time. The Great Ocean Road is one off your bucket list. It is an icon of Australia. Don’t you deserve the full experience. It is all about you, magical coast line and a celebration of life!  Outback Billy will bring the road, the nature and your group to life for a wonderful tour in a very special place.

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Humanitarian Support

Outback Billy tours has donated $5000 to a former guides young family who passed away too young in 2014 from Cancer.  We have also donated over $2000 to help train African midwives.  We do care.  Thank you to those who have supported us so that we may support them.

No Tours until further notice while we move to Tasmania 100% five star reviews T/A for all tours over the last 2 years by Outback Billy. 100% five star reviews T/A all private tours last 5 years! Moving to Tasmania, Private tours available to Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island and Tasmania