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*Only tours led by Outback Billy are under the Great Ocean Road Tours Melbourne name.  Other tours operate under code share for Be Leaf Tours and Aussie Melbourne Tours which are all part of the LEAP English Australia Pty Ltd group.

Your Guide:
Outback Billy

Adults $128, Child (<11) $80, Group* $120pp

The 12 Apostles and Great Ocean Road is one for the bucket list.  It is a magical, wonderful, special place and experience.  Don't you deserve the full experience!  *Note other tour guides take tours under their own tour company names.  All code share companies owned and operated by Outback Billy

 (*groups of 4 or more people booking together!  Adults $128 online with cr card or $125 cash) 

2 day tours are $255*pp including 1 lunch, 1 dinner (*accommodation extra) 

*Outback Billy has been joined by 4 great new guides (see "Our Guides).   Only Outback Billy takes tours under Great Ocean Road Tours Melbourne.  Other guides take their tours under their own company name. ")
2 day tours: taken on demand subject to min 4 people booking.
(extra tours subject to demand and guide availability)

9 reasons to choose our
Great Ocean Road tour!

1. No 1 Great Ocean Road Tour Company on Trip Advisor May 2014 - March 2015 (We have achieved nothing but 5 star reviews for 15 consecutive months on Trip Advisor)

2. Minimum of three stops of 45+ minutes (Some other guides give you one).

3.  25% + more time off the bus exploring than some other guides (yes really)!

4.  Outback Billy* is your guide and yes it does make a big difference.  He has taken more than 300 Great Ocean Road Tours!

5.  You are happy with our one day tour or we will refund in full.  (see our happy or its free page).

6.  A chance to swim.

7.  Three stops away from the other tour buses.

8.  We attract like minded people who really want the most from their Great Ocean Road Tour Experience.

9.  Small groups: We took 10 or less on 70%+ of our tours in 2014.  Our groups are personal, interactive and friendly.

Great Ocean Road Tours:
1 day tour every day (inc morn. tea and lunch!)
2 day tour departs every Thurs (min 2) other times by request

Why the Great Ocean Road is so special?
There's a magic about the Great Ocean Road. It is a journey of renewal, respect and perspective. A wonderful display of untamed and unchanged beauty at its best. It is a dynamic journey shared with friends, lovers, families and strangers from different cultures of our own all thrown together with a common destiny and interest. It is an opportunity for humanity to come together in mutual respect of those things that unite us.

It is magical, iconic, mesmerising and windy!  The Great Ocean Road is far more than 8 rocks in the water, breathtaking as they are. The Great Ocean Road is the wind blowing, the sounds of the waves, it is little ecosystems opening up around every corner, the search through rock pools for sea anemone or sea stars. It is discovering a beach with no one on it or the chance sighting of a whale, echidna, kangaroo or dolphin. It is the feeling of sand between the toes and water washing over ones feet.  That is why your guide can bring so much to your day.

To hear people laughing and celebrating together that a few hours earlier had never met is what life is about. To watch a busy dad playing with his kids as a wife looks on happily with a hint of emotion. It is watching an older couple who have been married 40 or 50 years take each others hand for the first time of the day at London Bridge. It is watching proud parents who have flown out for their son or daughters graduation proudly find a way to tell us that their daughter or son has graduated. It is honeymooners celebrating a new beginning and a shared horizon. The best of humanity is a wonderful thing.

Every time we start a journey down the Great Ocean Road there is the chance to connect with someone on the bus. It is a chance for the experience to touch them in a way which helps a family, builds a relationship, sets them off on a new life journey or a new life balance. Every journey has the potential to change a life in a small or big positive way.

The Great Ocean Road is not a tour. It is a celebration of nature, of people and of the true potential of nature and humanity when in harmony. It is for all your senses not just your eyes and your camera but your sense of touch, hearing and smell. It is also about senses of the heart and the soul.

For every person who joins a journey please use it as a step in the direction of the person you want to be, the life you want to live and the relationships you want to have both with nature and important people in your lives.
The Great Ocean Road has changed many lives. How will it make a difference to yours?

Outback Billy